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Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200With audio quality that matches the competition, the unexpected extras of the AXX 200 put it ahead of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note ProYou can easily get a better-performing laptop at this price, but a laptop will not have plenty of the features which you will find on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

How to shop for an HDTV
What is "HD Ready" and "Full HD"? Not every HDTV is created equal, so here's our handy step-by-step guide to getting the one that's best suited for your needs, and your wallet.
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With different sizes, resolutions and functions, not all HDTVs are created equal. Do you need a "Full HD" TV or just a "HD Ready" one?

The answer is neither: both "HD Ready" and "Full HD" are general terms that might vary from country to country and are not sufficient enough in informing a potential buyer on the quality of the TV's image.

Read this complete guide to choosing the best TV for your needs and budget before you hit the stores shopping for one.

Point 1: Size - big is not always better

Point 2: LCD, LED or Plasma?

Point 3: What is the difference between "HD Ready" and "Full HD"?

Point 4: Internet-ready TVs, are they worth the extra dollar? 

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