Samsung Galaxy S5 makes global debut

Reviews of the S5 have mostly concluded that it is one of the best high-end smartphones on the market.

Google removes pornography from Android app

Google Play Store will remove content such as animated wallpapers which feature sexually-explicit material.

'Death' of XP a warning for China

It is also a wake-up call to the Chinese IT industry to design and promote its own software.

BlackBerry mulls exiting handsets, eyes investments

At its peak, BlackBerry shipped 52.3 million devices in fiscal 2011, while it recorded revenue on less than two million last quarter.

'Heartbleed' blamed in attack on Canada tax agency, more expected

The breach allowed hackers to extract social insurance numbers, which are used for employment and gaining access to government benefits.

Google left train station blueprints unprotected

About 600 e-mails that contained information on the stations were accessible to anyone online.

Wearable tech gaining momentum: Survey

The wearable sector is still led by fitness trackers such as Nike + FuelBand, Jawbone UP and Fitbit devices.

Google unveils email scanning practices in new terms of service

The revisions more explicitly spell out the manner in which Google software scans users' emails.

Samsung irked by early Galaxy S5 release in South Korea

South Korean telecoms operators released Samsung's latest smartphone ahead of schedule in order to dodge sales restrictions imposed by regulators.

'Candy Crush Saga' maker's IPO turns sour

Despite its first-day fizzle, the company's real test will be to convince investors that it can build a sustainable business.

Loved and lost $20,000

It was the conman's "emotional play" that convinced the scam victim.

Twitter ramps up photo sharing features

As many as 10 people in a single image can be "tagged" with names without eating into the 140-character limit.

Facebook to buy virtual reality goggles maker for $2.5 billion

Many in the industry believe that wearable devices could represent the next big platform shift.

Nexus 5: Premium phone at half the price

As more people are reluctant to replace their high-end smartphones so quickly, phone makers are looking at potential growth in the lower-end market.

Moto 360: The smartwatch you would want to wear

Motorola might have finally got it right with the Moto 360, which comes with a round face design and premium material, making it look like a regular ...

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With audio quality that matches the competition, the unexpected extras of the AXX 200 put it ahead of the competition.
You can easily get a better-performing laptop at this price, but a laptop will not have plenty of the features which you will find on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

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A superbly designed Android phone, HTC One has received numerous awards and accolades.
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