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Housewife finds her bikini photo on porn and dating sites
A Straits Times report said it knew of at least two other women who had their photos hijacked by the same porn and dating sites.
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SINGAPORE - Thanks to a friend who tipped her off, housewife Jules Rahim recently found that a photo of her was featured on a pornographic website.

According to The Straits Times, the photo of her in a bikini was also found in a dating site. Below the photo was a caption which gave the reader a telephone number to call and how much it cost to chat.

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The photo was lifted from Ms Rahim's Facebook account, the report said. She posted the photo three years ago.

The mother of four children told the paper that the hjacking of her photo from Facebook was embarassing. 'People I know may think wrongly of me,' she said. She has filed two police reports.

She also plans to file a magistrate's complaint at the Subordinate Courts for intentional harassement. "I want to sue them," she told the paper.

The police said they are investigating the matter.

The report added that it knew of at least two other Singaporean women who had discovered that their Facebook pictures were lifted by these two websites.

A lawyer the paper spoke to said the victims have the right to demand that the sites remove the photos but it is difficult to make them comply when they are based overseas.

Experts have recommended that Internet users use the highest privacy settings possible.


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