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a-Jays One Plus
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a-Jays One Plus
Editor's Review
By Gregory Loo, The New Paper | 06-02-2012

The a-Jays One Plus is Jays' follow-up to the a-Jays One in-ear earbuds, adding a microphone and a remote for mobile phone functionality.

While the a-Jays Four buds were designed with the iPhone user in mind, the One Plus is meant for the Android with a downloadble app that can assign various music controls via clicks and holds on the remote's single button.

Even though I found them easy and nice to wear, the box also contains four additional pairs of rubber sleeves in case you find that the default pair don't quite match your ears.

Of course, the star of the show is Jays' flat fettucine-like cable that will keep your wires tangle-free no matter how you stow them - an absolute joy of a feature.

These earbuds score well in the aesthetics department coming in an elegant black with the microphone and remote bar worked seamlessly onto the right side's cable.

A simple white is used to tastefully work in branding and indicate which side is which.

The One Plus does seem to have a better sound than the a-Jays Four, although this is probably a marginal difference at best.

The good audio quality in turn gives a pleasant experience when it comes to taking calls and, along with the microphone, provides clear sound on both sides of the conversation.

While I have a small reservation about the price (at $88, it sits in between both the a-Jays One and Four with a $30 gap on either side), my biggest bug bear with the One Plus has to be the microphonics.

Like the a-Jays Four, moving the cables about generates an annoying rustling noise, meaning you won't be taking the One Plus out for your evening run.

Overall though, the a-Jays One Plus is a rather good product and won't make a shabby purchase for those who love their music on the go with their 'droids.

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