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Panasonic GX1
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The Good: Nice build quality; more physical control buttons; power-zoom lens is great for videos; fast autofocus speeds.

The Bad: Difficult to manually focus with power-zoom lens; JPEG images are soft.

The Bottom Line:

Editor's Review
By Chong Jinn Xiung | 06-02-2012

Video functions
If you are into video capture, you're in luck. The GX1 now boasts improved video recording capabilities and is able to record in Full HD resolution now.

You're also no longer constricted to recording in AVCHD format to get the best video quality as you can also record in 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution in MP4 format. To be honest, we found very little difference between the two formats.

Video quality is pleasingly sharp and nicely saturated, offering good levels of detail. In addition, the image stabilisation offered by the X series lens helps keep things stable especially when you're recording at the telephoto end.

There's now a built-in stereo microphone that offers decent audio so your videos should have good sound quality on top of looking great.

There's a lot going for the GX1 if you are looking for a smaller camera to complement your DSLR.

In terms of performance, it is a speedy little shooter with autofocus speeds that almost match a DSLR, though we have to say that it sometimes misses the mark.

In addition, the new X series 14-42mm power-zoom kit lens is a decent lens that's great for HD videos.
The GX1 is also easy to handle as it embodies many similar qualities of the classic GF1. The combination of the new touchscreen controls with the traditional physical buttons improve the overall operation of the camera.

We found the camera's image quality to be good and detailed, while the level for acceptable low light shots is expanded with usable ISO1600 sensitivity.

All in all, the GX1 is a great update to the Micro Four Thirds cameras that Panasonic started off with two years ago. It certainly is a great addition for advanced camera users who loved the GF1 and are looking to upgrade.

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