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HP Folio 13
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The Good: Great battery life; ­comfortable keyboard; solid build quality.

The Bad: Screen has narrow ­viewing angles; average sound quality; ­constant humming sound.

The Bottom Line: The Folio 13 is a well-rounded laptop for doing work. It has a solid build quality, excellent battery life and a comfortable keyboard.

Editor's Review
By Chong Jinn Xiung, The Star | 05-03-2012


On the inside the Folio 13 holds no surprises for an Ultrabook of its class. It sports a second generation Intel Core i5 processor together with 4GB of RAM, which makes it more than capable of handling basic home and office productivity tasks.

Unfortunately it isn't ­powerful enough to edit photos on Photoshop or edit a HD quality movie without any lags.

The Folio 13's startup time is much faster than a typical laptop with a hard drive - it took just 18 seconds to boot up thanks to its solid state drive (SSD). It also takes just a second or two to boot from standby mode.

The drawback, as with all current SSDs however, is that it is limited to just 128GB of storage which is way too little for the modern user who is used to downloading gigabytes of files.

While we managed to play an HD quality movie on the Folio 13 without too many problems, this Ultrabook isn't going to be your best bet if you are intending to use it to play games. The machine's integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics just isn't meant for games at all.

Just to prove the point, I tried to play Far Cry 2 on the Folio 13 and oh boy was it not pretty. Not only did the graphics look bad, the ­frame rate was deplorable to the point that it was unplayable.

Heat is something of an issue with laptops and Ultrabooks are no strangers to them.

Despite having HP's CoolSense technology, your lap may still feel a little toasty from the heat generated from the laptop when performing processor intensive tasks.

I noticed that the Folio 13's exhaust fan emitted a very audible hum as I was using it throughout the review. I tried to ignore it but the faint hum was always in the background even when I left the laptop idle.

Slowly but surely I grew annoyed by the sound and it grew worse whenever I performed intensive tasks like play an HD movie, which resulted in the laptop sounding like it was a jet fighter about to take off from my table.

Nevertheless I have to say that I was impressed by the Folio 13's ­battery performance. Its six-cell battery lasted me a good nine hours, so you can easily clock in a few hours of work with some power left over for a movie.



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