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Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200With audio quality that matches the competition, the unexpected extras of the AXX 200 put it ahead of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note ProYou can easily get a better-performing laptop at this price, but a laptop will not have plenty of the features which you will find on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

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Sony Xperia S
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The Good: Nice 4.3in screen; good 12.1-­megapixel camera with very fast startup time; SmartTags are handy.

The Bad: Runs on an older OS; capacitive buttons are not responsive; poor battery performance; doesn't play classic PlayStation games.

The Bottom Line: The Xperia S is a sleek smartphone that's worth a look if you are shopping for a feature-packed Android.

Editor's Review
By Chong Jinn Xiung, The Star/ANN | 21-05-2012

THE Xperia S is the first smartphone from Sony after it parted ways from long-time partner Ericsson last year.

The separation gives Sony full control over the mobile phone design for the first time and it will be interesting to see the company's direction for its smartphones which starts with the Xperia S. Design

The Xperia S is a stylish phone with a piano black finish on the front and a cool ­transparent strip that lights up when the phone is in use. It has a distinct Bravia-like design and looks a little like a tiny TV.

Connectivity wise, it has the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port for data transfer and charging, and micro HDMI out for displaying content on a HDTV.

The 4.3in screen is pretty and is powered by Bravia technology. It is reasonably bright, has nice colours and offers decent viewing angles. Also, it doesn't suffer from excessive reflections when used outdoors.

The screen has a high pixel density which made text appear crisp and readable even when they are tiny, and this is handy for browsing webpages.

There are small capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen which are not ­particularly responsive. Usually we have to press the buttons several times before they registered any input.

Also, the build quality is good but the device is thicker than earlier Xperia models.


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