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Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom [views 21]

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Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200With audio quality that matches the competition, the unexpected extras of the AXX 200 put it ahead of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note ProYou can easily get a better-performing laptop at this price, but a laptop will not have plenty of the features which you will find on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

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Google Nexus 4
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Google Nexus 4
Price:$668 (16GB)
Platform: Google Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Editor's Review
By Seow Tein Hee, Digital Life, The Straits Times | 10-05-2013

Parallel imports of the Google Nexus 4 have been selling here in shops and via online forums since late last year, but it is now finally available here through authorised resellers. Better late than never.

Google's Android smartphone is essentially the LG Optimus G, with a few differences. In design, the Nexus 4 takes a curvier approach to the corners and its plastic sides offer a firmer grip than the Optimus G.

Neither device has microSD expandability, but the Optimus G is more generous with its 32GB of internal storage, twice as much as what you get with the Nexus 4.

The Nexus' standout features are mostly from the stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version. Widgets can be added to the lock screen, so I can check my calendar and incoming e-mail without unlocking the phone.

The Optimus G lets you use voice commands to take a photo. Not so with the Nexus 4.

But it compensates with imaging features such as Photo Sphere. You stand in one spot and turn 360degrees. Photo Sphere captures and stitches the images into a single photo. Press your thumb on the screen and the camera menu will appear as a scroll wheel, with instant access to high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, white balance and flash settings.

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