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Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200With audio quality that matches the competition, the unexpected extras of the AXX 200 put it ahead of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note ProYou can easily get a better-performing laptop at this price, but a laptop will not have plenty of the features which you will find on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

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Seagate 3TB external desktop
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The Good: It is currently the highest capacity hard disk available to consumers.

The Bad: NA

The Bottom Line: It stands out as its USB 2.0 interface can be upgraded to USB 3.0 - meaning you can have faster transfer speeds. It can be used on both PC and Macs

Seagate 3TB external desktop
Editor's Review
By Yeong Ah Seng | 20-07-2010

SEAGATE'S 3TB (three terabyte) external drive is currently the highestcapacity hard disk available to consumers.

The FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external drive stands out from the rest because of two features.

Its standard USB 2.0 interface can be upgraded to USB 3.0 or FireWire 800 (for much faster transfer speeds) via an adapter.

Also, an NTFS driver for Macs is included, which makes the hard drive usable on both PC and Macs.

Previously, drives had to be formatted in FAT32 before they can be used by PC and Macs.

FAT32-formatted drives have an inherent 4GB limit on individual file sizes, making them unsuitable for storing much larger DVD and Blu-ray movie files.

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