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Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200With audio quality that matches the competition, the unexpected extras of the AXX 200 put it ahead of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note ProYou can easily get a better-performing laptop at this price, but a laptop will not have plenty of the features which you will find on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

Apple chief executive had previously cited Samsung phones as having similar antenna difficulties. PC
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The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most feature-packed Android phone in the market. PC
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This new software is Microsoft's last chance to catch up with Apple and Google's Andriod smartphones. PC
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Galaxy S is powered by Google's Android operating system and sold through about 100 carriers worldwide. PC
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News organizations seek to line up behind new tablet device to broaden readership beyond owners of Apple product. PC
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Motorola, Samsung, HTC phones selling well. -Reuters PC
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Apple iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab vs upcoming Blackberry PlayBook. What're the differences between the the tablet computers which challenge the iPad's dominance of the tablet PC market? PC
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Demand has outpaced supply in most countries PC
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The Galaxy Tab, despite its success since its launch finds itself trailing Apple's iPad by miles. PC
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It will be available in the US from Dec 16. PC
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Available in S'pore from Dec 18, it will cost $499, excluding GST and without contract. PC
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Thinking of getting a smartphone? Take this simple quiz to find out which is your ideal mobile OS PC
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Sales 'in line with expectations'. PC
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Gadgets which will hopefully make their way to our shores in 2011 after these tantalising previews. PC
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What’s not to love about point-and-shoot digital compact cameras? Here are 10 models that we like. PC
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Huge demand is expected to see the smartphone segment grow by 100 per cent in 2011. PC
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Here’s a list of gadgets for all, from students to teachers. PC
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The world's largest TV maker booked the biggest showing area in this year's CES to showcase a plethora of products. PC
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Smarter devices and home appliances are taking centre stage during the four-day event at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PC
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A look at the latest trends and gadgetry from the world's largest consumer technology show, which kicked off in Las Vegas on Jan 6. PC
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Handset maker struggling with record losses. PC
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It also aims for a 10 per cent share of the global market. PC
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Smartphones have transformed people's lives in Asia in a dramatic fashion. PC
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Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these red tech stuff. PC
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Hit models from Samsung, HTC and LG helped Android in the quarter as many phone companies aggressively promoted Android phones. PC
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The new Galaxy S 2 will offer faster services compared to Galaxy S. PC
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Manufacturers launching numerous Android devices at Mobile World Congress fair. PC
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The electronics maker launches super-slim laptop as part of strategy to carve a bigger share out of the high-end market. PC
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It will go on sale in another two dozen countries on March 25. PC
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Prices were fiercely competitive as the 3 major telcos elbowed to hook customers. PC
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It will be available from 26 March 2011at a recommended retail price of $538 inclusive of GST. PC
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Take a peek into Samsung's latest offering - the Samsung Galaxy Ace. PC
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In the great mobile phone wars, it seems like Apple still has the cool creds in Asia...for now. PC
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The firm hopes to fill more than half of its planned global flat-screen TV sales of 50 million this year with Internet-enabled, interactive TVs. PC
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In a suit filed last week in San Jose, Apple said the Galaxy Nexus infringes on patents underlying features customers expect from its products. PC
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Upbeat about the global success of the 5-inch Note, Samsung on Monday unveiled its tablet PC version, the Galaxy Note 10.1 at the Mobile World Congress. PC
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Samsung president Lee Jae-yong in Germany to meet executives at BMW, Siemens. PC
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Samsung to appeal German ruling, but sources say two tech giants could agree on cross-license deals in the future. PC
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Huawei rebranded itself as a high-end handset maker, touting its quad-core phone Ascend D as the world's fastest smartphone, while ZTE followed with 15 new phone announcements. PC
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Samsung claims that the iPhone 4S and iPad2 infringed on three of its patents. PC
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Among the competitors, Samsung continues to remain a distant second in planned tablet buying. PC
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Flat screen maker LG Display Co Ltd is supplying touch-screen panels for Apple Inc's new iPad, a source close to the matter said on Wednesday. PC
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Samsung and Apple are locked in escalating global patent battle, as they jostle for the top position in the booming smartphone and tablet markets. PC
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Low-priced tablets are receiving more attention in Korea with the success of Amazon Kindle in overseas markets. PC
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Samsung's checkered entry into the smartphone market is emblematic of the South Korean conglomerate's strengths and weaknesses. PC
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Samsung's latest offerings at the company's Third Southeast Asia, Ocenia and Taiwan Forum in Bangkok. PC
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 series will be offered in 7-inch and 10.1-inch form factors, both running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system with improved Android features. PC
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Backed by the strong sales of its flagship LTE handset Galaxy Note, Samsung is projected to announce high figures in sales and operating profit. PC
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The Note - part phone, part mini-tablet - has sold more than 5 million since launching in October, and is proving a surprise money earner for the South Korean electronics giant. PC
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It may start making flexible Amoled displays soon and the devices will be ready by the end of the year. PC
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The South Korean firm sold over 40 million Galaxy smartphones since the model was released. PC
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HTC now faces another challenge after the roll-out of Samsung's third-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S. PC
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The parties have indicated they are willing to participate in a Magistrate Judge Settlement Conference. PC
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The move came as a surprise since many assumed the two parties would reach a compromise. PC
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Samsung said it is sampling the chips to major handset makers. PC
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Samsung said its display panel business also pushed up profit margins despite a seasonal fall in sales. PC
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Samsung posted on its support pages a comprehensive list of specifics for the Ice Cream Sandwich update in the US. PC
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The move comes after the two jointly developed a customized solution for the owners of the newly launched car. PC
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Other new developments include "intelligent camera features" which use face recognition technology and improved voice-activated controls. PC
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While Apple will continue to sit comfortably on the top for now, the battle for the next several positions is going to be fierce. PC
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Samsung said it will pre-install mSpot music, video and radio services in new mobile devices. PC
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Samsung toppled Apple as the world's biggest smartphone maker. PC
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Apple boss Tim Cook and Samsung chief Choi Gee-Sung met in San Francisco for nine hours. PC
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Here's a quick look at some of this month's hottest gadgets. Also, a preview of what will be coming next month at the PC Show 2012. PC
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Samsung today announced that the Galaxy S III will go on sale in Singapore from May 30, Saturday. PC
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The Lumia features touch-screen displays, cameras with Carl Zeiss lenses, and the new Windows Phone operating system. PC
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The Galaxy S3, unveiled in London earlier this month, will hit shelves Tuesday. PC
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The Android smartphone will be available at the telcos' stores during their launch events from 9pm tonight (May 29). PC
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Recent online reports pointed to the manufacturer dumping at least 600,000 blue cases due to quality concerns. PC
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They lined up since 6am yesterday for the launch at Mid Valley Megamall. PC
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Samsung's "Alive" audio software further enables consumers to enjoy 3D surround sound. PC
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This is according to iFixt, the website that takes phones and computers apart. PC
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Apple sued Samsung last year, accusing the South Korean electronics maker of "slavishly" copying the iPhone and iPad. PC
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This despite a fresh lawsuit filed by Apple seeking to block the cutting-edge model. PC
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Apple filed papers this week seeking to ban Samsung's new Galaxy S III, along with the Galaxy Nexus. PC
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Apple has asked a court for the Northern District of California in San Jose to ban sales of the Galaxy S III. PC
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They backed off a last-minute request to block the Galaxy S III model's US release. PC
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Samsung's follow-up to the Galaxy Note is said to be thinner and have a larger display. PC
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The South Korean tech giant has launched a new app that allows users to dump all the content from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. PC
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Samsung launched its Galaxy S III, the strongest rival for Apple's iPhone, on May 29 in Europe. PC
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3 Korean employees likely to have leaked circuit diagrams and other key technologies to the firms. PC
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Samsung had asked the court to stay the injunction pending resolution of an appeal. PC
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Third setback for South Korean electronics firm in a week. PC
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A key driver for tablet growth is adoption in North America, Japan and Western Europe, which will account for 66 per cent of shipments in 2012. PC
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The flagship Galaxy smartphones are likely to have stretched their lead over rivals Apple and Nokia - despite a parts shortage. PC
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The Samsung device was not responsible for the cause of the fire, and that an "external energy source was responsible for generating the heat". PC
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The victory for Samsung comes days after a US appeals court lifted a freeze on sales of its Galaxy Nexus smartphones. PC
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The online retail giant Amazon is testing a new smartphone and may launch production later this year or early next year. PC
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In the second quarter of 2012, the PC market suffered through its seventh consecutive quarter of flat to single-digit growth. PC
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The spokesman also said a price cut is not unusual at this time in a smartphone's life cycle, noting that Samsung has cut the price for its Galaxy S II, launched before the Lumia 900. PC
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Apple sued Samsung last year in the United States and a highly anticipated trial is scheduled to begin July 30. PC
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Asia's top chipmakers are set to join Western peers in flagging caution over the outlook when they report their latest earnings in coming weeks, though those with exposure to hot mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones may be spared the worst. PC
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Apple and South Korean giant Samsung are also engaged in a slew of patent suits against each other in international courts. PC
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Jobs' statement about Google's Android operating system will be barred. PC
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They sold more than 10 million units since its launch about two months ago. PC
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A high-stakes battle over patents for technology used in smartphones and tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad. PC
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The company has missed Wall Street targets twice in under a year. PC
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Samsung is atop the fast-growing market for smartphones as well as the overall mobile phone market, which is expanding slowly. PC
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Apple is seeking more than S$3.09 billion in a case accusing the South Korean firm of copying designs and other patents. PC
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A report said that the new model of the smartphone lineup would be thinner and taller than its predecessor, and fit well in human hands. PC
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Apple is seeking more than S$3.1 billion in a court case. PC
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The world's most valuable technology corporation on Tuesday allowed a rare glimpse into a zealously guarded internal hardware design process. PC
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Samsung jumped into second place with sales of nearly 2.4 million, up 117 percent from a year earlier. PC
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South Korean media reports speculate the new Galaxy Note may feature an unbreakable, 5.5-inch display - slightly larger than the current one. PC
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The newest addition to Samsung's tablet PC lineup, the Galaxy Note 10.1 features the largest screen size and updated capabilities such as better Web browsing and multi-tasking, according to its official website. PC
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Samsung copied Apple designs and features amounted to "very offensive" accusations. PC
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A lack of support from potential partners such as Samsung could mean more trouble for RIM, which is seeking various options to turn around its embattled business. -Reuters PC
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Steve has long rediculed the idea of using the apparatus to interact with the screen. PC
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A lack of support from potential partners such as Samsung could mean more trouble for RIM, which is seeking various options to turn around its embattled business. PC
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Apple's legal battle with its fiercest business rival, which has transfixed the global mobile industry, moved into a technical damages-estimate phase this week. PC
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Samsung Electronics is looking to build on the popularity of its Note 'phablet', and expects key features such as a stylus-type pen and split-screen function to stand the new device apart from rival Apple Inc's iPad. PC
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the penetration of notebooks is already high in Taiwan, and consumers tend to buy tablet PCs instead of new notebooks to replace their old notebooks. PC
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The lack of a clear strategy added to analysts' concerns over its future. PC
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Apple says Samsung copied iPhone, Samsung countersued over patents. PC
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The tech-savvy nation has more mobile phones than people. The population hit 50 million in June. PC
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The court ruled that Apple breached two Samsung technology patents, and ordered it to pay 40 million won ($35,242) in damages, court officials said. PC
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Verdict will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices, said Samsung. PC
[ View 2877 ]
US District Judge Lucy Koh issued a pretrial order barring Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in USA. PC
[ View 1633 ]
US tech giant to file injunction, Samsung says US verdict is 'not the final word'. PC
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Analysts believe this verdict could lead to Samsung also delaying near-term product launches as it attempts to design around Apple's patents. PC
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Samsung products comprise 26 per cent of the component cost of the iPhone. PC
[ View 1412 ]
The world's most valuable company wasted no time in identifying its targets on Monday: eight older-model smartphones, including the Galaxy S2 and Droid Charge. PC
[ View 15344 ]
Company says it will make utmost efforts until US judge’s final ruling. PC
[ View 344 ]
The Galaxy Note phablet, Samsung's second most popular smartphone after its flagship Galaxy S, is not included in the list of the potential US sales ban. PC
[ View 7046 ]
Samsung’s announcement comes a week before the latest Lumia. PC
[ View 1640 ]
Firm becomes world’s first to roll out Windows 8 handset. PC
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The Japanese court found that Samsung did not infringe on Apple's iPhone and iPad patents for some of its own Galaxy smartphones and tablet computer. PC
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Apple adds Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note to infringement list, Samsung seeks counteraction. PC
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If the TVs are deemed to be stolen, it could lead to a technology leak. PC
[ View 652 ]
Media reports had said it may have been a theft aimed at stealing the advanced TV technology. PC
[ View 274 ]
They are probing the disappearance of two next-generation Samsung TVs en route to Berlin. PC
[ View 534 ]
According to China Labor Watch's probe of eight factories, the South Korean electronics giant is guilty of widespread "legal and inhumane violations." PC
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The world's largest software maker and the Finnish company that once dominated the cellphone market will showcase the device in New York on Wednesday morning and demo it for industry insiders about the same time in Helsinki. PC
[ View 1349 ]
IFA needs reinvigoration to meet increasing expectations: experts PC
[ View 1002 ]
Apple has been cutting its orders from Samsung as it tries to diversify its lines of supply for memory chips, although the South Korean firm remains on the list of initial suppliers for the new iPhone. PC
[ View 9275 ]
Under siege from above by mirrorless models with interchangeable lenses, and harried from below by powerful mobile phones, high-end compact cameras have had to step up their game significantly, with compelling results. PC
[ View 1632 ]
Human resources and social security authorities will continue to strengthen law enforcement and inspection of companies' behaviour in labour management. PC
[ View 1414 ]
Apple is looking increasingly defensive as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and other rivals have been first to market with phones that sport bigger screens or run on faster wireless networks. PC
[ View 3199 ]
Preference for Samsung has increased rapidly to surpass that for Apple over the past two weeks. PC
[ View 506 ]
Sales of Galaxy Note 2 projected to reach 20m units, Galaxy S3 to exceed 30m this year. PC
[ View 609 ]
Peer pressure forces Apple to backtrack and come up with a larger screen size. PC
[ View 1060 ]
The smartphone manufacturer came up with an ad that had a comprehensive description of why the features on the Galaxy SIII were better than those of the iPhone 5. PC
[ View 40229 ]
Apple did not violate patents owned by Samsung Electronics in making the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad said a judge. PC
[ View 310 ]
Samsung Electronics said Thursday it was "disappointed" at a US judge's refusal to lift a ban on US sales of its tablet computer as it fights a long-running global legal battle with arch-rival Apple. PC
[ View 313 ]
Softbank and Singtel, Singapore's biggest mobile phone operator, said demand for the iPhone 5 had exceeded previous offerings from Apple. PC
[ View 1519 ]
The two companies are locked in patent battles in 10 countries as they vie for top spot in the fast-growing market. PC
[ View 1205 ]
But in a court document filed late Friday, Apple said it "is requesting an amendment to the existing verdict and a total judgment" of more than US$707 million. PC
[ View 333 ]
The Galaxy Note II - first unveiled at a trade fair in Berlin last month - will eventually hit stores in 128 nations. PC
[ View 19438 ]
There was no immediate comment from Samsung, which in July accused LG Display employees of stealing its OLED technology. PC
[ View 262 ]
The jury found that Samsung had not violated the patent that was the basis for the tablet injunction and Samsung argued the sales ban should be lifted. PC
[ View 2119 ]
While RIM's performance gave Wall Street a modicum of optimism, analysts stressed RIM has to now prove that the BlackBerry 10 devices, due early next year, can halt its brand's downward spiral. PC
[ View 3563 ]
In a statement, Samsung said: "...we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights." PC
[ View 925 ]
One writer says its actions represent a "market behemoth doing as it pleases to preserve its dominant position". PC
[ View 21108 ]
Group yet to clarify if it will keep stake in Renault Samsung. PC
[ View 442 ]
Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has signaled a new direction for the world's largest software company, pointing to hardware and online services as its future. PC
[ View 461 ]
The model will be in direct competition with the iPhone 5. PC
[ View 439 ]
A U.S. appeals court overturned a pretrial sales ban against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's Galaxy Nexus smartphone. PC
[ View 1313 ]
It's apparent that Google finally understands why Apple is doing something right with the iPad: Android lacks tablet-centric apps. PC
[ View 958 ]
The decision is valid throughout Europe and should prohibit further legal disputes between the two companies over the design of tablets in the region. PC
[ View 3190 ]
Long queues formed at StarHub Plaza Singapura, M1 Paragon and the SingTel Hello! ComCentre as customers waited to collect their new phones. -AsiaOne PC
[ View 7950 ]
Samsung was found to infringe an Apple patent that helps the touchscreen interpret whether the user wants. PC
[ View 1838 ]
Samsung launches new retail concept to provide consumers with new digital experience. PC
[ View 672 ]
The structural difference between Galaxy S3 adopting a detachable battery and iPhone 5 with an in-body battery accounts for the different results. PC
[ View 1533 ]
It grew far faster than its predecessor and would likely be more than 3 times those of the Galaxy Note. PC
[ View 369 ]
Samsung Electronics is speeding away from the iconic iPhone maker in the race for the global smartphone market. PC
[ View 360 ]
Apple must re-write a statement posted on its website acknowledging that Samsung did not infringe on its registered designs for tablet computers. PC
[ View 191 ]
Industry trackers said they accounted for nearly half of handsets sold in the third quarter of the year. PC
[ View 804 ]
A US judge allowed Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to pursue claims the iPhone5 infringes its patents. PC
[ View 1147 ]
The judge granted motions to add them to a patent infringement suit. PC
[ View 483 ]
Samsung Display asked a Seoul patents court to annul seven patents related to OLED panel technologies held by LG. PC
[ View 1028 ]
Apple Inc has asked a federal court to add six more products to its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. PC
[ View 1048 ]
Apple stores and electronics retailers were bustling last week, in contrast to the Microsoft pop-up stores in the United States promoting Windows 8 and Surface tablets. PC
[ View 1423 ]
Apple's claims were rejected on the grounds that prior patents covered the inventions. PC
[ View 910 ]
Sales of digital point-and-shoot cameras continued to decline and were at its worst this year, a sign that the market is no longer interested. Obviously, smartphones are to blame. PC
[ View 2085 ]
We review some highlights that happened throughout 2012 that can help you expect what's to come for 2013. PC
[ View 24692 ]
Analysts say iPhone Mini will not arrive before 2014. PC
[ View 438 ]
Apple could roll out a smaller, cheaper "iPhone Mini" next year. PC
[ View 5593 ]
The clunky mobile phone - closer in size to a tablet than the smartphone of a couple of years back - is here to stay. PC
[ View 8417 ]
It also did what many other handset makers were unable to do: support multiple operating systems. PC
[ View 226 ]
It was the first time China had imposed penalties on foreign firms over anti-trust issues. PC
[ View 423 ]
Samsung Electronics is likely to earn a quarterly profit of $8.1 billion (S$9.9 billion). PC
[ View 438 ]
The feature allows two people "to watch completely different Full-HD content simultaneously on the same screen with corresponding audio and controls" PC
[ View 225 ]
The South Korean electronics company is investing in devices that enterprise users like corporations will endorse. PC
[ View 187 ]
Huawei unveiled its new Ascend Mate -- claimed to have the world's biggest screen for such a device, a 6.1 inch display -- as well as an Intel processor and improved battery life. PC
[ View 366 ]
Concerns have grown that Samsung may see its processor revenues tumble. PC
[ View 1512 ]
For Samsung, 2012 was a watershed year that saw it take a giant bite out of Apple. PC
[ View 2084 ]
Driven by a combination of iPhone fatigue, a desire to be different and a plethora of competing devices, users are turning to other brands, notably those from Samsung. PC
[ View 1209 ]
Samsung had been the top mobile phone vendor in the US since 2008. PC
[ View 893 ]
The former contract manufacturer's fortunes have been declining sharply since the second half of 2011. PC
[ View 198 ]
The 16 new "smart TV" models, which come in sizes ranging from 46 to 75 inches, allow users to navigate the Internet. PC
[ View 384 ]
Samsung wins seven accolades while Canon bags six at annual DL Awards. PC
[ View 279 ]
Offering big-screen, slick, slim smartphones at lower prices, Chinese manufacturers Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo will leverage the Mobile World Congress to chip away at the mighty duopoly. PC
[ View 708 ]
More than four years after it started selling iPhones in India, Apple Inc is now aggressively pushing the device through installment payment plans that make it more affordable. PC
[ View 844 ]
The Tokyo District Court ruled that Samsung has no rights over data transmission technology used. PC
[ View 487 ]
A judge on Friday cut $558m from a $1.24b award to be paid by Samsung in a landmark patent lawsuit from Apple. PC
[ View 1055 ]
A simple manufacturing snafu cost Samsung some 2 million units of lost sales in just a month after it launched the S III in May last year. PC
[ View 3934 ]
Samsung fires its latest salvo in the quest for dominance in the smartphone market, despite being embroiled in a bitter dispute with Apple. PC
[ View 2680 ]
Selling the copier business would help raise cash to repay a convertible bond due in September, but it would also diminish the company's cashflow. PC
[ View 508 ]
The panel has requested filings on whether there are acceptable substitutes for the Apple products if they were to be banned. PC
[ View 333 ]
The Samsung NX300 is the first camera that will be able to use the 3-D-capable version of the 45mm F1.8 NX lens. PC
[ View 587 ]
The Samsung Galaxy S4 - which Samsung preceded with a marketing blitz that drummed up industry speculation reminiscent of some of Apple's past launches - will be available globally in the second quarter. PC
[ View 14841 ]
Samsung's latest addition has features not typically found on rivals' screens. PC
[ View 6413 ]
75% of sample cellphones tested found to be of inferior quality. PC
[ View 7972 ]
Apple appears stuck in an iPhone product cycle, with a new phone typically launched in the second half. PC
[ View 2605 ]
The Samsung device will perform many of the tasks of a smartphone: source. PC
[ View 425 ]
There are 3 things that Samsung should relook for future device launches. PC
[ View 1216 ]
The Samsung Galaxy S4 launched with a bang last week. Sherwin Loh got a first look at the new phone at the preview event in New York. PC
[ View 7511 ]
The rumour mill is now focusing on the next big thing in the mobile scene - the successor of the Galaxy Note II. PC
[ View 2304 ]
More leaked details about the upcoming X Phone suggest that it will be fully customisable and built to last. PC
[ View 979 ]
New technology by US company paves the way for large flexible displays with faster touch response times that cost less. PC
[ View 744 ]
The existence of the Galaxy 4 Mini has not been officially acknowledged by Samsung, but numerous details have already been revealed online. PC
[ View 25 ]
It beat out global social network service competitors Twitter and Facebook. PC
[ View 1269 ]
New software suite weaves the social network into the homescreen of HTC and Samsung phones. PC
[ View 497 ]
If it is upheld, the ITC can order any infringing device to be barred from importation into the United States. PC
[ View 702 ]
The South Korean firm is spending more on marketing than R&D for the first time in at least three years. PC
[ View 1263 ]
The 'Samsung Experience' shops will have specially trained staff to help with demonstrations and post-purchase support. PC
[ View 544 ]
The S. Korean firm looks set to spend more on marketing than R&D for the first time in at least three years. PC
[ View 417 ]
Samsung heir apparent says Chinese leader knows much about the top Korean firm. PC
[ View 603 ]
Apple, Samsung remain at the top; LG shares up 54 pct from July 2012 low. PC
[ View 279 ]
While the two companies compete fiercely in the high-end smartphone business, their strengths and weaknesses are in many ways complementary. PC
[ View 1140 ]
Samsung has announced that the registration of interest for the Samsung GALAXY S4 with LTE will start at midnight on April 17 with the three local mobile operators. PC
[ View 1239 ]
The company is accused of hiring students to post malicious comments about HTC online. PC
[ View 787 ]
The Taiwanese authorities said on Monday they had launched an investigation into allegations that South Korean tech giant Samsung hired students to post malicious comments online about local rival HTC. PC
[ View 417 ]
The company was accused of hiring Internet users in Taiwan to promote the Galaxy S4 and to attack HTC. PC
[ View 213 ]
Samsung's Galaxy S4 with LTE will hit Singapore's shelves on April 27, retailing for $998 without contract. PC
[ View 12992 ]
Easy to hold and its 8-inch display is the perfect size for reading e-books. PC
[ View 78 ]
The energy-saving, high-performance LCD panels will be supplied as early as summer. PC
[ View 378 ]
It comes in a highly crafted design encompassing a larger screen size and battery, minimised bezel; all housed in a light and slim shape. PC
[ View 27 ]
Apple appears to be losing a once vice-like grip on its supply chain and Wall Street. PC
[ View 1573 ]
Both display makers claim dominance over this next-generation display technology and are in a related legal dispute. PC
[ View 853 ]
The technology would allow users to control a computing device with their thoughts alone. PC
[ View 283 ]
Samsung attributed the disruption to unexpectedly strong demand for the Galaxy S4, the South Korean company's direct challenge to Apple Inc's iPhone. PC
[ View 1186 ]
Samsung Electronics Co sold a record 69.4 million smartphones in the first quarter, boosting its market share to an all-time high of 33.1 per cent. PC
[ View 458 ]
The earnings figures were released on the same day as the new version of Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, went on sale in South Korea ahead of a planned global roll-out. PC
[ View 945 ]
After years of following and refining the iPhone's pioneering innovations - a strategy that resulted in bitter patent battles - Samsung has dethroned arch-rival Apple as the world's top smartphone maker. PC
[ View 1152 ]
Some of the spectacular Samsung Galaxy S4 functions such as Air View may be full of hot air, but how about the camera modes? PC
[ View 14819 ]
The company posted a more than 40% increase in its first quarter net profit. PC
[ View 1007 ]
Statistically, a handset is 10-13 times more likely to fall victim to accidental damage than it is to theft. Since 2007, in the US alone, Android handset owners have paid out over $7.2 billion in repair fees, with $3.7 billion spent on Samsung handsets alone. PC
[ View 1331 ]
It ushers a new era of portability and productivity wherein organising, multitasking and decluttering are key factors to achieve mobility. PC
[ View 1408 ]
SK Hynix chips to fill 20 percent of Samsung's mobile demands. PC
[ View 137 ]
The court will not permit Apple and Samsung to expand the scope of the damages trial by relying upon new sales data, new products and new methodologies or theories, the order said. PC
[ View 408 ]
This is part of an effort to ensure the military has access to the latest communications technology. PC
[ View 469 ]
Operating margins were also expected to widen to between 1 and 3 per cent from the previous quarter's 0.1 per cent, as HTC spends more on a campaign to improve its brand image. PC
[ View 514 ]
International group claims the tech giants are using suppliers linked to unregulated tin mining in Indonesia. PC
[ View 488 ]
New ad for the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone is a hilarious dig at the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple. PC
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The new technology will offer transmitting speeds 'up to several hundred times faster' than existing 4G networks. PC
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Amazon is also testing and developing other gadgets, such as smart phones and an Internet-based set-top TV box, according to recent reports. PC
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A key challenge for Sharp's recovery, is keeping its factories busy enough to earn profits that will satisfy its creditors despite slowing growth in its business making screens for Apple. PC
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South Korean electronics giant Samsung, the largest maker of Android phones, boosted its lead in the marketplace with a 30.8 per cent share, up from 27.6 per cent a year earlier. PC
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Trampling on Apple's supply patch could make life tough for the US firm as it prepares for its next product line-up including a cheaper iPhone. PC
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The Chromebooks are also only available in Courts retails stores in Singapore, and aren't offered anywhere else (such as via Google Play Store for example). PC
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Swedish company hopes to steal the spotlight in next-generation networks. PC
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One of the panel's judges decided that Samsung had infringed a Apple patent for a text-selection feature. PC
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Samsung has chosen Intel's Clover Trail+ mobile chip for at least one version of its Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. PC
[ View 992 ]
The Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch will be powered by Intel's 1.6-GHz dual core processor. PC
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A limited order has been issued to stop all imports and sales for AT&T models of the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G. PC
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Given that the company has one of the most powerful legal teams in the industry, they most likely anticipated the ruling. PC
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Samsung likely to secure 'turning point' while Apple plans to fight on. PC
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It was hit by brokerage downgrades that have underscored concerns about slowing sales of the Galaxy S4. PC
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Check your surfing habits to decide if such Google-based laptops are for you. PC
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Designed to deliver the best of both worlds (a high performance phone and a high-end compact camera), the Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with a 16MP Camera and 10X Optical Zoom. PC
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The move follows the opening of R&D facilities in Finland by other technology firms including Huawei and Intel. PC
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Apple's possible shift to offer what is often referred to as"phablets" - chunkier smartphones not quite big enough to qualify as tablets - comes as the long-time consumer and investor darling faces pressure to deliver more than one new handset model a year. PC
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Co-CEO of Samsung Electronics has confirmed that the sequel to the Galaxy Camera (announced in IFA last year) will make an appearance - a mirrorless camera that runs on Android. PC
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Sales estimates for the S4 were slashed by as much as 30 per cent, stirring investor concerns over Samsung's mobile devices division. PC
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Watchers say Facebook looks for closer ties with Samsung to become second Google. PC
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Huawei started as a provider of telecom network equipment and is now seeking to make inroads into mobile devices. PC
[ View 1268 ]
Its new devices sure make a one-year-old Intel Ivy Bridge ultrabook feel outdated. PC
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At $16,500, its 55-inch curved screen television costs about five times more than popular flat-screen equivalents. PC
[ View 1383 ]
The move is the latest in a series of efforts by Apple to lessen its reliance on parts produced by Samsung. PC
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Boxee is a DVR that stores content in the cloud and lets viewers watch recordings anywhere without space constraints. PC
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Samsung and Apple are expected to release their latest handheld devices built for the LTE-Advanced network in the coming months. PC
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The Galaxy S propelled the Samsung into the top rank of smartphone makers in 2012, overtaking Apple Inc whose iPhone had set an industry standard five years earlier. PC
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The glitz and glamour has failed to arrest a slide in handset sales growth, and shipments are seen rising only 4 per cent to 8 per cent in the second quarter from the previous quarter. PC
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Tech giant filed patent in Korea, US last month PC
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The meeting was therefore perceived as a speedy follow-up to previous talks Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg held just over two weeks ago. PC
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Samsung has announced a new addition to its NX family with the launch of the NX2000. PC
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In a new Icelandic commercial for its Galaxy S4, Samsung throws Apple under the bus while simultaneously promoting its flagship smartphone. PC
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They are expected to boost the iPhone 7's efficiency by at least 30 per cent. PC
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Manufacturers are reportedly turning to Chromebooks to counter Microsoft's industry dominance. PC
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Rumours had circulated that the world's largest technology company was ready to shut down its desktop PC business. PC
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It will reportedly be running Android 4.2.2 and have LTE functionality. PC
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It unveiled a 1-terabyte solid state drive that costs $820. PC
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Company says global smartphone sales growth may weaken in third quarter, stiffer competition expected. PC
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The Korean giant has 10 percentage points ahead of Apple, which has fallen to 5th in terms of China market share. PC
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Second-ranked Apple Inc saw its market share shrink, as smaller rivals such as LG, ZTE and Huawei seized larger slices. PC
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It has not only been beaten on sales, but overtaken by Samsung as the world's most profitable smartphone maker: report. PC
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In the war for the 21st century's most important market, Samsung is whipping its American rival. PC
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Favourable ruling for Apple unlikely to affect Samsung sales. PC
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US veto of Apple ban criticised as 'protectionism'. PC
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Its likely features include a digital camera, GPS and data communication to other digital devices. PC
[ View 794 ]
The biggest complaint in Korea is about the amount of strain the move has placed on relations between the two countries. PC
[ View 1189 ]
Samsung was found to have infringed on portions of two Apple patents covering the detection of headphone jacks and operation of touchscreens. PC
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It is unclear which devices are targeted in the ban, but it is aimed at early model smartphones and tablets that are no longer hot products in the US. PC
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Some of the Samsung devices that allegedly violate Apple's patents include the Galaxy S 4G, the Galaxy Tab and other smartphones and tablets launched in 2010 and 2011. PC
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The external screen features the usual three capacitive keys smartphones sport these days. PC
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The Galaxy Gear will reportedly debut during the Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 event. PC
[ View 868 ]
The two sides were reported to have broken off discussions just ahead of a compromise due to 'unreasonable demands' issued by Apple. PC
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The Galaxy Gear will allow users to make calls, access email and surf the Internet. PC
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Samsung to sell Galaxy Gear in bundle package with Note 3. PC
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, a new 7-inch tablet announced in April, may come in a deep-blue variant, according to a report by technology-news website T3. PC
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Both firms connect smart devices with household gadgets. PC
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The California company's trade-in programme kicked off in the wake of unconfirmed reports of a September 10 event at which Apple will unveil new iPhones. PC
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It works as an accessory to its Galaxy smartphone, with a small screen offering basic functions such as photos, hands-free calls and instant messaging. PC
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It introduced the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 10.1. PC
[ View 1357 ]
It has no phone functions of its own, nor the flexible display that was seen in leaked photos earlier. PC
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Sources say the $380m building will inevitably add fuel to the rivalry between the Korean firm and Apple. PC
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It will enable wearers to receive text messages and emoticon stickers without additional fees. PC
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Samsung and Apple, are locked in patent disputes in at least 10 countries as they vie for control of the lucrative and fast-growing mobile market. PC
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The TV industry has hit a barrier for growth, the rules of the game are changing. PC
[ View 219 ]
Little-known Chinese companies have started selling a type of display that are sharper than the standard LCD and cheaper than OLED. PC
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The Note 3 will be available at $1,048 while the Gear will be available by early October for $488. PC
[ View 3549 ]
Competitors roll out new flagship models with unique features they think will make them No. 1. PC
[ View 2890 ]
The high-profile dispute led Seoul's trade minister to arrange a meeting between the two firms' CEOs. PC
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Electronics giant holds events in Beijing, elsewhere to promote worldwide releases. PC
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Curved displays could eventually allow gadgets to take on new forms that could radically change the high-end smartphone market. PC
[ View 1687 ]
The growing popularity of phablets has galvanised Western names into action. PC
[ View 1810 ]
Despite mounting speculation about the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor, Samsung did not adopt it for the Galaxy Note 3. PC
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The flexible display segment is expected to generate momentum in the display sector: Analyst. PC
[ View 490 ]
Online registrations of interest are significant for Samsung, though the interest does not measure up to Apple's new iPhones. PC
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A high-power CPU mode is enabled when selected popular benchmarking apps are being run on the phablet. PC
[ View 1699 ]
The decisions are said to be based on the positive sales figures for the Galaxy S4 Active. PC
[ View 1802 ]
The Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch screen and retails for $1,263 in South Korea. PC
[ View 2271 ]
Curved screens - said to be lighter and thinner than current display panels - are at a nascent stage in display technology. PC
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Samsung's archrival presented a very similar commercial in 2007 when it released the very first iPhone. PC
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Competition between Samsung and LG to heat up over wearable smart gadget market. PC
[ View 577 ]
Apparently, the sales of the Galaxy S4 have not met expectations and Samsung is accelerating plans to unveil the next Galaxy S flagship device. PC
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The two add up to 97.1 per cent of global operating profit. PC
[ View 520 ]
A programme said internal multimedia cards cause the software of Samsung's Note and S series of smartphones to seize up. PC
[ View 514 ]
CCTV had criticised Samsung's 'unfair consumer practices'. PC
[ View 618 ]
Paid writers and Samsung employees concealed their status while posting their evaluation reports about HTC One. PC
[ View 1027 ]
Despite its name, the "G-Flex" does not bend, but uses flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) to produce a curved six-inch display. PC
[ View 1367 ]
The glasses will likely connect to Samsung's line of smartphones like the Galaxy Gear. PC
[ View 438 ]
The company's market share swelled to 35.2% from 32.9% in the third quarter of 2012. PC
[ View 504 ]
The talks are likely to address how Samsung can further develop apps for Google's Android smartphones PC
[ View 296 ]
They led the world's mobile market in the July to September period. PC
[ View 276 ]
The worldwide smartphone market saw record sales in the quarter, with growth of 38.8% from a year ago. PC
[ View 361 ]
He said they discussed ways for strengthening software competitiveness. PC
[ View 661 ]
The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition sports the faux-leather back cover also used for the Galaxy Note 3. PC
[ View 583 ]
Because managing two phones, two batteries, and having to bring two chargers around, is just too much of a hassle. PC
[ View 5210 ]
Lee said Samsung would modify its dividend strategy based on a target yield, and manage its shareholder return policy on a three-year basis to reflect changes in business conditions. PC
[ View 293 ]
Faced with slowing growth in the market for its top-selling Galaxy range of high-end smartphones, Samsung said it would target the tablet segment where Apple's iPads dominate. PC
[ View 145 ]
When the victim called the woman to explain the situation, the woman allegedly refused to give a refund, saying that she did not know the product was fake. PC
[ View 2468 ]
Samsung Electronics president Shin Jong-kyun and Apple CEO Tim Cook are likely to have a face-to-face meeting over their ongoing patent disputes, news reports said on Wednesday. PC
[ View 1249 ]
Walkley estimated that Samsung shipped 84.8 million smartphones in the quarter and "captured an impressive 53 per cent of handset industry profits." PC
[ View 969 ]
It comes with pre-installed educational apps and extra safety features. PC
[ View 766 ]
The display will wrap around the edges of the device so that messages can be read from an angle: report. PC
[ View 1002 ]
Firm says sales have been better than expected, expanding promotions for the device for the crucial year-end holiday sales. PC
[ View 539 ]
Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said it was grateful to the jury for imposing costs on Samsung, though she said the case has been more about protecting innovation than winning money. PC
[ View 580 ]
While Samsung has become the world's biggest advertiser, its global brand value is less than half that of Apple's. PC
[ View 1152 ]
Both colours are said to be available in global markets. PC
[ View 661 ]
There is no official word on whether the new colour variants will be available for other markets. PC
[ View 1734 ]
It is expected that the new models will run on the 64-bit Exynos chipset and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. PC
[ View 899 ]
Listings appear to suggest that 5.49-inch and 5.7-inch screen sizes are being tested for the new variant. PC
[ View 667 ]
In both commercials, Microsoft conveys the point that 'projecting your tablet onto a large screen or TV is simple with the HD video out port'. PC
[ View 911 ]
This does not include lawyers who had billed less than US$100,000 on the case. PC
[ View 344 ]
The smartwatch gets tortured in water, on dirt, on concrete and against a 7.62mm round fired from an HK 417 battle rifle. PC
[ View 412 ]
Samsung is eager to create a platform where users can work on any particular device. PC
[ View 316 ]
This is the most conservative figure set since it started the business, as it focuses on the growing tablet market. PC
[ View 266 ]
The "kill switches" on mobile devices render them inoperable when stolen, eliminating any incentive for theft. PC
[ View 312 ]
China's top e-commerce firm rumoured to be seeking Samsung support for its smartglasses. PC
[ View 357 ]
Samsung loses bid to ban sales of older iPhone and iPad in S. Korea. PC
[ View 581 ]
Recent addition of 3 colours likely to boost shipment numbers in the months ahead. PC
[ View 469 ]
Apple is not expected to adopt curved displays as the only capable flexible suppliers - Samsung and LG - cannot even meet their own needs. PC
[ View 2235 ]
Its Smartphone GamePad transforms a Galaxy device into a portable gaming console. PC
[ View 448 ]
The US firm is seeking a ban on models including 3 versions of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab and Tab 10.1 tablets. PC
[ View 449 ]
It will also allow users to change a channel using voice commands. PC
[ View 348 ]
Samsung says the TV has four times the resolution of standard high-definition TVs. PC
[ View 1109 ]
The new smartphone will reportedly be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S5 later this year. PC
[ View 472 ]
Among its new features is the Smart Mode Selfie Alarm, which takes 5 consecutive images so users can select their best angle. PC
[ View 195 ]
Tech giants put forward comprehensive services to communicate with gadgets. PC
[ View 553 ]
Amazon, for its part, has been investing heavily in digital media, hoping to draw traffic and drive new sales. PC
[ View 168 ]
Samsung's mobile devices business, which earns two thirds of the company's profit, will come under pressure when Apple makes its phones available from Jan. 17. PC
[ View 191 ]
Like Samsung's bendable UHD TV, a user can change the curve of LG's bendable OLED TV with a remote control. PC
[ View 435 ]
He was rattled by a glitch in the teleprompter he was reading from while promoting Samsung's curved ultra-high definition TVs. PC
[ View 1999 ]
They agreed to attend a mediation session to be held on or before Feb 19. PC
[ View 457 ]
Apple is widely expected to sell smartphones with larger screens, neutralising a selling point Samsung has enjoyed since 2011. PC
[ View 758 ]
Curved screens do make a pretty immersive experience if you're into multi-display setups. PC
[ View 553 ]
The innovation shown by Samsung and Lenovo has propelled them to the top tier of Asian brands. PC
[ View 239 ]
The company is one of the main competitors of Swedish online music group Spotify. PC
[ View 216 ]
The tablet sports a 2-megapixel rear camera, but lacks a front-facing camera for video conferencing. PC
[ View 1296 ]
There were also a few reported cases of sluggish performance, poor memory management and other app problems. PC
[ View 2454 ]
The companies said the deal "would lead to deeper collaboration on research and development of current and future projects." PC
[ View 434 ]
Alliance between two tech heavyweights expected to push Apple into corner. PC
[ View 68 ]
Patent infringement suits have become frequent in high-tech industries such as telecoms in recent years. PC
[ View 386 ]
Some users claim that their cases no longer work with the KitKat update. PC
[ View 2623 ]
Samsung will unveil a new version of its flagship Galaxy S smartphone this month, but expectations are low that it will lead to a sharp jump in sales given intensifying competition. PC
[ View 706 ]
Apple has confirmed that it will stick with lithium-ion batteries for its upcoming iWatch, to be supplied mainly by Samsung SDI, LG Chem and Tianjin Lishen Battery. PC
[ View 113 ]
Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker is at a loss for ‘the next big thing’. PC
[ View 965 ]
Samsung and Apple vie to roll out slimmer and savvier next-generation smartphones. PC
[ View 3469 ]
LG Electronics unveiled a revamped version of its large-screen smartphone G Pro, seeking to woo customers ahead of a rival offering from market leader Samsung Electronics. PC
[ View 918 ]
Samsung's popular range of mobile devices steered the South Korean electronics giant to top honours at The Straits Times Digital Life Awards. PC
[ View 130 ]
The South Korean giant chalks up seven accolades, followed by Apple and Sony with five each. PC
[ View 253 ]
It is almost certainly unveiling the Galaxy S5 smartphone on Feb 24, with rumoured Apple-fighting features such as a fingerprint scanner and larger screen PC
[ View 197 ]
The LTE model will be available at a retail price of $1,198. The $1,098 Wi-Fi model will be available from March 1. PC
[ View 221 ]
The Galaxy Gear wristwatch has been criticised for its clunky design and difficult-to-use features. PC
[ View 60 ]
The watch, available in two models - the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo, which has no camera - will be powered by the Tizen operating system. PC
[ View 199 ]
Samsung's brand was stamped on more than 30 per cent of smartphones sold in the world last year. PC
[ View 500 ]
The Galaxy S5 has a slightly bigger screen than its predecessor, improved camera technology and better protection against water and dust. PC
[ View 837 ]
Shin Jong-Kyun, CEO of Samsung Electronics' IT and mobile division, said that Samsung would lead the era of wearables, which he expects to catch on this year. PC
[ View 27 ]
The Galaxy S5 was designed to fulfil customer demand for a more durable smartphone built for an active lifestyle with faster wireless network connectivity and a better camera. PC
[ View 47 ]
They join Huawei and ZTE in voicing concerns about Microsoft gaining more power in the smartphone market. PC
[ View 43 ]
The ruling on Thursday comes ahead of another patent trial set to begin later this month involving newer Samsung phones. PC
[ View 76 ]
The ban, as well as a lack of sweeping hardware improvements, may see S5 sales in the first three months falling short of the 20 million S4s sold within three months. PC
[ View 75 ]
Samsung Electronics, the nation's largest handset maker, is poised to move up Galaxy S5's release date to March 27 from April 11. PC
[ View 71 ]
South Korean telecoms operators released Samsung's latest smartphone ahead of schedule in order to dodge sales restrictions imposed by regulators. PC
[ View 216 ]
Let's take a close-up look at South Korean phonemaker Samsung's latest flagship model. PC
[ View 94 ]
While the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was more of an accessory to Samsung smartphones, the Gear 2 is a different beast altogether and is packed with cool features. PC
[ View 83 ]
The Galaxy S5 features an advanced camera, fast network connectivity and dedicated fitness tools. PC
[ View 94 ]
The world's biggest mobile phone maker had planned to release the Galaxy S5 - first unveiled in February - globally on April 11. PC
[ View 48 ]
The Galaxy S5 LTE features an advanced camera, enhanced device protection as well as fitness tools, and is compatible with the Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatches. PC
[ View 41 ]
The case concerns smartphone and tablet patents and is just the latest in a long-running feud between the two tech giants, who are battling for supremacy in a multi-billion-dollar market. PC
[ View 134 ]
Samsung promoted the picture on Twitter to the company's 5.2 million followers and pointed out the image had been taken with a Samsung smartphone. PC
[ View 135 ]
The Galaxy S5 got off to a weak start, with its South Korean debut marred by a temporary ban on mobile carriers selling handsets and criticism that it lacks eye-catching new features. PC
[ View 55 ]
Reviews of the S5 have mostly concluded that it is one of the best high-end smartphones on the market. PC
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