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Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200With audio quality that matches the competition, the unexpected extras of the AXX 200 put it ahead of the competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note ProYou can easily get a better-performing laptop at this price, but a laptop will not have plenty of the features which you will find on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

Complaints against IT mall Sim lim Square retailers are up, with cases increasing steadily since 2006. It seems like retailers are going back to old habits of overcharging, pushy sales tactics and shady business practices. PC
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Visitor from Hong Kong was not only overcharged for a camera, the salesman who sold the gadget to her also 'disappeared' when she returned to the shop to exchange it for another model. PC
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Writer says that recent media reports have cast the tech haven in bad light. Sim Lim Square is is still tech paradise for geeks, never mind the spate of bad press. PC
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Notebook he purchased was faulty but seller asked him to seek help at service centre; USB mouse did not work; he was also charged $535 for a $220 video camera. PC
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When the user inserted this Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo into his new digital photo fame, there was a burning smell and he was shocked to find it melted by the device. PC
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Customer was billed $950 for a PSP handheld console and accessories that the salesperson had initially quoted only $334. PC
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Some shops at Sim Lim Square are selling hard disks filled with hundreds of pirated movies to customers why buy media players from them. PC
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Those who purchase hard disks filled with pirated movies might face civil claims from the relevant copyright owners . PC
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Female customer was offered different lens when she wanted to buy a DSLR camera. PC
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Woman eventually paid $400 for the lens, thinking that she got it at half price. However, later checks revealed that the lens goes for a mere $70. PC
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Some shoppers were overcharged, while others have complained of inferior products and pirated goods. Read their stories here. PC
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The refund slip also states an agreement that no complaint will be made against the shop to Case. PC
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What was originally quoted as $398 for the handheld console turned out to be a total of $661 after the shop included fees for registration, service charges and extended warranty. PC
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The reader wanted to buy a camera lens that costs $1,100 but was convinced by the salesman to buy a better lens at $499. PC
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The salesperson made her signed a letter of agreement that she didn't understand. PC
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Since the setting up of complaints booth, mall has seen cases against errant businesses rise. PC
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Five Sim Lim Square shops sold pirated games, modified gaming consoles and counterfeit gaming accessories. PC
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Lists of shops that rip off customers were pasted on the walls of the shopping centre, but unknown culprits have been tearing these lists down. PC
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Building management had pasted on walls and lift lobbies a list of shops that ripped off customers. PC
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With the convenience they provide, online group buying websites are not just benefiting consumers but retailers as well. PC
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A Stomp reader says he is a victim of the rampant ill practices by one of the top offenders of the history sheet published by Case. PC
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